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A place to sit and enjoy the game or an accident waiting to happen? Bleachers and other types of special event seating are a common cause of many sport and spectator injuries.


Quick Sit is at the forefront of all safety codes and ensures all of our products meet the most stringent of safety best-practices. 

We don't just build to a

"meet the code" minimum

We make our bleacher substructure out of steel, with aluminum floor boards, risers and seats. There are no openings in our seats greater than 4 inches, and we fabricate or rent with aisles and guard rails as dictated by the size of the layout. 

We follow CSA construction standards on all projects. 

Professional Engineers

All of our documents and drawings are finalized and prepared under the supervision of our in-house professional engineer, certified and licensed to practice in Canada. When required, we also engage with third-party engineers for final structure inspections and stamping of drawings. 


With years of experience, we can work with you on any special event to provide the perfect seating solution - for rental or for purchase. 

We want to work with you!

Our philosophy is to provide the best possible service promptly to our clientele. We can suggest solutions for your seating problems, design for specific needs, or even help with the basics if it's your first time looking for bleacher or portable seating. ​

No project too complex

Our team tackles complicated problems with ease. We can help you with your special event seating, no matter the unique requirements:

  • Whether you need a hundred seats or thousands more

  • When challenging terrain seems impossible

  • When environmental impact is a concern

Rentals, Fabrication, Renovations or Repairs - Let us Help You!

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...too this!
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